RuneScape Quest Map

You're probably asking yourself, what is a quest map? Well, a user on reddit (Gamez_X) created a very large map detailing how each quest in RuneScape is related to each other. There was just one problem with it; it was MASSIVE. You had to zoom in like 600% just to see the quest names. But that's what you get when you map out the events for a game with over 200 quests, 3 world events, and 20+ miniquests.

That's where my program comes in. While still large in scale (1000x800), it is just small enough that you can see the details for multiple quests at once, without a loss of quality. It also has a "Quick Nav", which is a list of all the Quests/Events mapped. On top of that, if you click on any of the icons, they will take you to the RuneScape Wikia. It is possible that I might have missed a location on the map. In the event that you find one un-mapped, please contact me on Twitter or Reddit.

You can find the original map file on Gamez_X's DeviantArt page by clicking here.