RuneScape G.E. Dumper

RuneScape has a player-to-player trading system called the Grand Exchange. This system helped revolutionize the economy as it allowed a central market for players to trade items with a reasonable estimate of the market price. However, if you're a developer like me, the constraints of the Grand Exchange API make it rather impossible to grab item data in real time without knowing the item id first.

But how do we get the item id? Good question. Following the API, you should search the first letter of the item, and from there you would go through the pages of results to find the item, which would then give you the ID. Or; you can brute force it. "Brute Force" in this case, is just sending a query to the API with an id, and hoping it returns a valid result.

Luckily for you, I've already dumped most of the Name/ID combinations from the API for you. It's avalible in JSON format, and can be used with this grabber or whatever you build that reads JSON. If you would like a more verbose output (All avalible GE information), you will have to dump that yourself.